What course participants say

Bruce Martin

Finance Director - Livingstone

Bruce Martin

“Excellent online training programmes are extremely hard to find. Finance Inspired 4 Success is an exception to that rule. Talita guides finance professionals through some difficult to navigate topics that are generally hard for finance people to develop and make an impact in their teams. The content is engaging, and I particularly respect the idea to allow materials to be downloaded and shared with the team. This, along with the step-by-step guide to take back to the team, make this training programme a real game changer. You will finish the course with the confidence and material to go back to your team and make a real difference. Our people and teams reflect our leadership and investing in them is vital. Thanks Talita for sharing your knowledge and expertise and putting together such a fantastic training programme. I am excited for the next instalment!”

CFO third sector


‘The course gave me a lot of food for thought in planning my away day; which was very useful. I specifically enjoyed the ‘Why, what and how’ and the questions posed throughout.’

General Manager Finance - Multinational


“The one challenge all financial teams have is understanding how each team member can directly impact the organisational vision. This training delivers on the key fundamentals and is a highly efficient resource for any senior Financial Leader in an organisation who wants to effect sustainable change and inspire their teams to achieve a new level of performance."
Matthew Harris

Enjoyable and practical

Matthew Harris

I really enjoyed this course. Talita covers the theory of purpose well, and See It, Do It, Share It approach is an effective way to turn the learning into practice. I would definitely recommend it to anyone leading a finance team and looking to enhance engagement and alignment.

Make a bigger impact

Invest in your own development and the development of your team at the same time

What this course can do for you

This course is for you if you want to

  • create a high performing team with a sense of belonging

  • increase team collaboration, creativity and intrinsic motivation

  • connect and bond your team

  • a unique opportunity to develop yourself and share the learnings with your team as part of the same course

  • be recognised as and become an inspirational, transformational leader

Inspire your team with Purpose

Achieve 3 hours of accredited Continued Professional Development

Features of this course

  • Unique sections 'See it, Do it, Share it©'

  • 3 hours accredited Continued Professional Development

  • Downloadable presentation to share with your team

  • Guide with facilitated team activities, timings and top tips

  • Convenient online training

  • Cost effective training

Course overview

What you will see, do and share

Accredited 3 hour CPD course

  • Accredited by the UK CPD Standards Office

See it, Do it, Share it ©

A unique way to transfer your learning to your team

  • See it

    Inspire your team with a memorable vision that engages, connects and gets things done

  • Do it

    The questions that help you craft an inspiring purpose for your team

  • Share it

    Run the ideal team activity to bring your purpose to life and get the necessary commitment and buy-in from the team

About your instructor

  • Talita  Ferreira

    CEO & Founder

    Talita Ferreira

    Talita is an experienced C-Suite executive, non-executive director, entrepreneur, author and international speaker with more than 22 years of corporate experience with global brands, including KPMG, Investec Bank, and BMW. As the former CFO and CHRO of BMW UK Ltd. and BMW Financial Services Ltd., she understands the financial language of business, strategy, and risk and the pressures facing finance professionals. She has the unique perspective and strengths of an analytical finance professional balanced with the inspirational leadership and people approach of a Human Resources director. She is passionate about helping to develop the generation of finance leaders, with a mindset that thrives in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Inspire your team with Purpose

Achieve 3 hours of accredited Continued Professional Development

What is CPD?

Continuing professional development (CPD) is the intentional maintenance and development of the knowledge and skills needed to perform in a professional context.

We understand most professionals lead busy stressful lives and cannot take time out of their hectic schedules to maintain their CPD for the year. Undertaking relevant and regular CPD is an important way for you and your team to stay abreast of new developments and best practice. We understand this issue and have created a simple solution by building an online training solution
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