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Great finance professionals differentiate themselves through inspiring leadership - they engage their teams for high performance based on trust to unlock creativity, innovation and collaboration

CPD accredited courses to thrive and accelerate your career

Our courses are designed to help you based on experiences from specialists, practitioners and thought leaders. We understand the challenges you face and can provide unique support combining experiences as Chief Financial Officer, Chief People Officer and Non-Executive Director leading finance and people (human resources) teams. We can help you thrive in uncertain times and accelerate your career to the next level. You can unlock your full potential and have a greater impact as a leader. We can add value, if you want:

  • to unlock your individual leadership- and collective team potential

  • to create a high performing team based on trust

  • to be recognised as and become an inspirational, transformational leader

  • to increase creativity, innovation, diversity of thought and collaboration in your team

  • to grow and develop yourself and transfer learning to your team in the same unique process ('see it, do it, share it ©')

  • to understand the mindset shift required for the C-suite (the executive board) and how to inspire successful transformation

'See it, do it, share it'©

A unique way to transfer your learning to your team and your unique situation

  • See it

    Learn and experience something new from specialists, practitioners and thought leaders using videos and blended learning resources

  • Do it

    Apply what you have learnt to your own unique situation. Activities are designed to help you unlock value for your specific role or your future ambitions

  • Share it

    Share the learning by facilitating an engaging team activity with your team or by sharing your unique scenario with your stakeholders. Facilitation guides are provided to help you engage with your team on the relevant topics

Accredited CPD

Paid courses are accredited by the UK CPD Standards Office

Develop yourself and your team simultaneously

The secret sauce - personal growth and leadership skills

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