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The Global Leadership Hypothesis Journey

  • Conversations

    Different perspectives on what makes a great leader. Inspiring stories that will leave you with positive impressions and aspirations

  • Chart your course

    Apply the experiences to your own situation. Unlock what could be relevant to you. Broaden your perspective to enable breakthroughs

  • Unlock hidden potential

    Take micro-steps to unlock your full potential. Embrace the characteristics of great leaders. Accelerate your career and thrive in transformation

Which questions are we asking in the interviews?

  • What makes a great leader?

  • What is the key to unlock leadership potential from an individual perspective?

  • What can the leader do that will make the biggest difference?

  • How important are the interactions with the team and other individuals?

  • What holds leaders back from reaching their full potential?

  • Share a story of great leadership or an epic fail

In conversation with the experts

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