Team facilitation and workshops

We can help you to create a high performing team built on trust. We share our 'how-to' of essential team dynamics. We help teams thrive in uncertainty. We deliver virtual and face-to-facet workshops and team engagement sessions. away day or at your offices, depending on your preferences and budget.

Team facilitation and workshops

Benefits of bespoke team workshops

We tailor our workshops to ensure greatest value for the leader, team and organisation. One size does not fit all when considering leadership and team dynamics. We will craft the workshop to deal with the unique dynamics of the team and the specific leadership challenges. Benefits include:

  • focus on the individual team needs and elements that drives performance

  • using a blended approach incorporating finance and people dimensions

  • dedicated time to form, storm and norm as a team

  • delivery that supports the leader's vision for the team

  • topic relevance aligned to organisational challenges, e.g. change adoption, business partnering

Workshops topics

We will work together to create the ideal workshop tailored to your specific leadership and team needs. Talita can open a workshop or team day with one of her signature keynote talks. Some of the areas we have already covered with other teams are:

  • Building a more engaged virtual team

  • Leading in turbulent times

  • Improving team dynamics and culture

  • Crafting a team purpose

  • Bonding a team through values and behaviours

  • Supporting digital transformation through culture and defined behaviours

  • Supporting change adoption and reducing resistance

  • Injecting innovation into annual objective setting

What people have said

CFO mid-tier bank

Virtual team engagement workshop

CFO mid-tier bank

"My team and I very much enjoyed the virtual team engagement activity. It was an excellent opportunity to focus on leadership and something other than business as usual or the crisis. It helped us to identify pain points in Finance that we can now work on together as a collective team. The delivery was seamless, and we really enjoyed the polls, breakout discussions and the visualisation of our brainstorming session. A special thank you to Talita for running this for us.
Mark Jesty

Excellence Squared Academy

Mark Jesty

"A special thanks for the excellent session on Leading in Turbulent Times. It couldn't have come at a better time as it was in the early days of the COVID crisis in Canada. Your session provided practical tips and thoughtful guidance with a delivery that was equal parts teacher and experienced practitioner. I look forward to working with you again in the near future. "
Caron Bradshaw

CEO - Charity Finance Group

Caron Bradshaw

‘Talita’s anecdotes really brought the content to life and made us feel that our experiences were not unusual and could be improved.’

Values workshop


‘I really liked the activities and solution orientation in each area.’

Executive workshop


'Talita is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic facilitator, who can make complex issues accessible to all.'

6 box leadership diagnostic workshop


‘Talita made me feel very comfortable and relaxed when I was dreading the workshop. The coaching she gave me when I got emotional was invaluable.’
C-suite Executive

Executive Leadership Workshop

C-suite Executive

'The workshop allowed a far wider perspective and insight to our challenges and time to deep dive'
General Manager - Institute of Directors

Board Workshop

General Manager - Institute of Directors

'Talita's credibility as CEO, CFO, change leader and strategist makes this all the more powerful'

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Sharing the skills and experience of a Chief Financial Officer, Chief People Officer and Non Executive Director

How can I help you?

I will use my insights and experience to help you develop your approach to leadership, team development and effective collaboration. I provide on-line or face-to-face mentoring. I can help you grow, if you want:

  • support to transition from analytical professional to people orientated leader

  • to galvanise your team for performance

  • a trusted confidant when things get lonely 'at the top'

  • a practical toolkit and pragmatic solutions

  • to develop your mindset for the shift to C-suite and executive board level

  • to accelerate your career as a transformational, inspirational leader

What mentees say

Stuart Sheath

EU Finance Director – Morphe

Stuart Sheath

'I particularly enjoyed Talita’s approach of using her detailed experiences and examples to shape sensible solutions together, that I could practically apply. I felt I could really open up and be very honest about my areas for development in our various one-to-one sessions. With Talita’s support through the sessions and working through her book, I was able to really identify a number of areas in my leadership and work approach, that I could improve. For example, increased delegation and taking responsibility for building and developing my team. It also helped me really think about how to be impactful in the new role, I had just started and to consider what roles would work well for me in the future.'
Nicola Forbes-Taylor

Fintech - Director of People

Nicola Forbes-Taylor

"Talita has been a great mentor through her challenging yet supportive style. She helped me think through my options in connection to my values and make considered decisions. I appreciated Talita's openness in sharing her experience and stories, which encouraged me as it helped me see how she had been in similar situations. Through Talita's support, I have grown more connected to my values and more authentic in the way I operate. And it feels so much more me!"

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