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I understand the pressures facing finance professionals

Prioritisation, career progression, leadership & people dynamics

For a third of my career, I was operating at only half my potential. I was differentiating myself through my analytical mind. I had not yet learnt how to be a transformational and inspiring people leader. I realised from working with thousands of leaders for some big brands; Investec, KPMG and BMW, that greater impact can be found through focus on people and leadership dynamics. I am an experienced C-Suite executive, entrepreneur, author and international speaker with more than 25 years of corporate experience. As the former CFO and CHRO of BMW UK Ltd. and BMW Financial Services Ltd., I understand the financial language of business, strategy, and risk. My vision is to help organisations and leaders to effectively engage their people. I have led and implemented award-winning cultural transformation programmes in multiple industries.
I understand the pressures facing finance professionals

The Authenticity Dilemma Resolved®

I published my first book in November 2016; which captures my experiences of working with thousands of leaders to increase their confidence and help them be authentic, courageous, transformational leaders. I am passionate about helping to develop the generation of finance leaders who have the mindset to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and post COVID-19 era.
The Authenticity Dilemma Resolved®

My experience and career highlights

  • Unique hybrid - Chief Financial Officer, Chief People Officer, Non-executive Director and Chair of Audit Committee

  • Multiple industries - Financial Services, Automotive, Third Sector

  • Diversity - Global multinational experience in South Africa, Germany, UK and Ireland

  • Transformation - Leading award-winning cultural change programmes

  • Mindset - Personal growth and leadership development first

  • Author - A new definition of Authenticity contained in my first book 'The Authenticity Dilemma Resolved©'

My top 5 leadership tips

My unique experience as CFO and CHRO taught me the importance of focussing on leadership, people and purpose for sustained success

  • Connect and inspire your team through a purpose - 'The Why' of what we do and how we add value

  • Create a team dynamic of trust for optimum performance

  • Empower, coach and mentor individual team members

  • Follow a values-based leadership approach. Know your own and your team's strengths

  • Invest time and effort in understanding who you are as a leader


  • Why did I leave what many would describe as a successful corporate career?

    I wanted to make a bigger difference and have a wider impact in the world

  • Why did I write a book about authenticity?

    Authenticity was identified as one of the most important values by the millennial generation in a global culture project. Every person I discussed authenticity with, had a different definition. I wanted to define authenticity based on past positive leadership experiences

  • Why I create my courses in the format 'See it, Do it, Share it©'?

    I want to facilitate the process of developing yourself and growing with your team within the same learning process. Brainstorming with your team is an essential ingredient for creating good team dynamics and unlocking creativity

  • My favourite TV shows

    Grey's Anatomy, Chicago Fire, The Big Bang Theory

  • Who do I share my home with?

    Marcus, Isabella and a dog called Hazel